About Plus One

  Launching at Brookfield Place and Bay Adelaide Centre
  in October 2015.

If you find there is not enough time in your day, allow TASKER to assist by providing a personal concierge to run errands for you. TASKER’s concierge staff have the ability to move material from point A to B, or to perform repetitive tasks that you just might not be able to get to.

Here are some examples of errands that TASKER’s staff can complete for you:
• Picking up license stickers
• Indexing family photos
• Scanning documents
• Returning items for repair/refund
• Addressing invitations
• Making deliveries
• Itemizing receipts
• Picking up passports/visas
• Performing research
• Sending FedEx or Purolator packages
• Making Beer Store or LCBO pick ups
• Sending out registered mail

Pricing is $25/hour ($12.50 for a 30 minute minimum, with additional time billed in 15 minute increments after the first half hour).

Payments are accepted by credit card only. Clients can set up an account with their credit card information securely on file, or they can enter the information separately for each individual interaction/service.

For more information call 416 365 8080.

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